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Art Schmitt and Pierre Uzee met in the early 1980s when they were both young interns for Master Jewelers located in the Audubon Building on Canal Street.  Art interned under William Armbruster, and Pierre interned under Raymond Caillioutte.  After a few years they went their separate ways, with Art freelancing for several local jewelers and Pierre opening up his shop in the World Trade Center and later moving to the Place St. Charles Building.

After hurricane Katrina in 2005, Pierre reached out to Art and asked that he join him in his business.  They worked together side by side for over 12 years creating custom pieces of jewelry for their clients and handling repair work, etc. until Pierre passed away in 2017.  Art has continued on in the same location taking care of both his and Pierre’s clients.

There is nothing that gives Art more satisfaction than creating something special or restoring a precious family heirloom and seeing the joy on the faces of his clients.

ART SCHMITT, Owner & Master Craftsman



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